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“Passion and strength propels 9000 Needles 
to the forefront of documentaries. It inspires 
one to take responsibility for their own life, encourages us to find solutions and 
reminds us of what really” 

- LaFern Cusack, Host 710 ESPN
 & Radio Disney AM1110
“ Must  email my friend in acupuncture
school about this soul-stirring doc!”
                                       - The Sheet
“This man's story and the story of his amazing wife and family should be viewed by every family. You will appreciate what you have even more and be inspired by one man's spirit and incredible courage.” 

                                          - The Dove Foundation
“A Rollercoaster of a film. On so many levels this is an inspiring squeezes the heart to see how he and his family rally with determination and belief; and it brings up thoughts as to this could happen to anyone and change lives forever.”

                                              - Mammoth Times

“Riveting! An inspirational story - brilliantly told.”

                                               - Bob Weinstein